Natural Beef or Organic Beef

What is the difference between Natural Beef, Organic Beef or Grass Fed Beef?

Organic Beef

Organic beef is grown without added hormones, growth enhancing antibiotics, as well as no medications for fly control, parasites and commercial fertilizers and pesticides on the forages fed to livestock. This system takes three to four years to develop.

Grass Fed Beef

Grass fed beef is grown entirely on grass and forages for the cattle.

Natural Beef

Natural Beef is a mixture of Organic and Grass Fed practices. At Burleson Farms, we do not use growth enhancing antibiotics, added hormones or preservatives on the meat to increase shelf life. Natural beef is grown on grass and forages while being supplemented with small amounts of grain to develop a small degree of marbling to bring out the flavor and juices in the meat.  The all natural grains used to develop marbling and muscling, bring a better quality of beef to the table for you to enjoy.  It is the customer who decides which beef is best for their family to enjoy and which beef is best suited for their lifestyle.

Burleson Beef | Natural Fed
Burleson Beef | Naturally Fed | Natural Beef

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